Announcing 2017/18 Yellow Flag Art Competition

We are delighted to announce the 2017/18 Yellow Flag Art Competition. Always a big highlight of the year, the competition is open until 23 March 2018. Click on Events & Activities above to find out more.

A great opportunity for your school and students to creatively engage with the themes of the Yellow Flag and to really get students thinking about how they feel about them and the sort of Ireland in which they’d like to live. This year we have two categories – one for schools currently pursuing their Yellow Flag, and one for those who have already achieved it. The creative themes for the our Yellow Flag Contenders are: “Diverse but Equal”, “Standing up to Racism”, “Valuing Traveller Ethnicity and Culture” and for our Yellow Flag Flyers: “Our Intercultural School”.

In the past we have received a huge variety of pictures, drawings, painting collages, mosaics, tapestries, murals, cartoon, computer generated images, textiles, sculptures, stencils and audio visual entries can be seen here:

Competition Artwork
Audio Visual Samples:
Castaheany ETNS 2014
St. Oliver’s 2015

Our closing date for receipt of entries is the 23rd March 2018.
Click to read more about competition conditions and guidelines. Please note changes in categories from previous year.