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Assessment for the Yellow Flag Award

Vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans gloire – To win without risk is a triumph without glory

(French Proverb)

How to get your Yellow Flag…

  1. Preparing for the assessment visit
  2. Showcasing our work
  3. What the assessment team are looking for

When you have completed the 8 Steps, a Yellow Flag assessment team will come to evaluate your school. Generally, the Yellow Flag workers will have a good idea as to whether you are ready for an assessment, and will guide you about this.

Who are the assessors?

The assessment team is usually a group of three people appointed by the Yellow Flag Programme. Team members have a background in teaching, school management and equality/ human rights education.

What is the purpose of the evaluation visit?

The assessors will want to see the work you have done for the Yellow Flag Programme. On average, they spend around 2 hours in the school, at a time arranged with the Link Teacher. It is not an exam or an inspection, and it is generally quite informal. At the school, they will…

  1. Meet with the Diversity Committee, to hear about their experiences of the programme – students are encouraged to plan a short presentation to showcase their work
  2. Have a tour of the school to see any work on display
  3. Drop into one or two classrooms to hear about students’ experiences
  4. Meet with parents, community reps or others who have been involved in the programme.
  5. Meet with Link Teachers, other teachers involved and the school Principal

The evaluation visit will be a chance for you to showcase your great work! As much as possible the visit should be student led and student centred, so that the young people can talk about the programme in their own words. The team have found that sitting in a circle with the young people and chatting informally really helps to get this across.

The assessment team appreciates that it may not be possible for some people (like parents) to be there for the whole visit – if they can arrange to be there for a part of the visit, that is okay. It is necessary for the Principal to be there for part of the visit (15-25 minutes). The Link Teacher will need to be available to facilitate the visit.

The assessors will take away your Yellow Flag folder after the visit to help them make clear recommendations (it will be returned to the school at a later date).

After the Visit

Each member of the assessment team will fill in an evaluation form, noting the things your school has done well and the things you could work on more. After this, the team will come together to recommend that your school receive a Yellow Flag, or recommend that you need to spend a bit more time on the programme before a flag can be awarded. A letter will be sent to your school with the news.
If you are not awarded a flag the first-time round, don’t feel too deflated. Your work so far has been extremely valuable. The assessment team will give you very specific pointers on what you need to do to complete the programme. The Yellow Flag staff team will also be there to support you to achieve this.

The Awarding of the Flag

When news comes through that you have been awarded a flag – take the opportunity to celebrate! The school will receive their flag at an official ceremony which is held during the following school year. Student representatives from your school will be invited to attend, and meet other schools who have taken part. The Yellow Flag Programme usually gets an important person (in the past it has been the President and Government Ministers) to give the school their flag. Let everyone in the community know about your great achievement!

Our Yellow Flag Year is over, what now?

Keep up the great work! Now you are a Yellow Flag and Intercultural school, you need to maintain that position! As you have greater understanding throughout the school community, it should be easier to manage. All Yellow Flag schools have to renew their flag after 3 years.

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