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Classroom Resources

Here we have listed and linked a range of classroom resources; downloads, packs, videos, articles etc that can fit into a range of subjects. You may also know of others that have not been included – do let us know, if so, and we can share them here.

The resources here can allow teachers and students to explore some of the Yellow Flag themes in more depth and facilitate deeper research and understanding.

You can read more about how to do Classroom Work and how the resources can be used by going to Step 7 in your folder and on the website.

Building Traveller Culture and History into the Classroom

You will find many useful resources on Traveller culture in the below primary and post primary sections. But here are some of our personal favourites that were developed by friends of the Yellow Flag Programme:

  • The Yellow Flag landing page on has suggestions and advice on how to embrace Traveller culture in your classroom or youth space
  • The beautiful animation, A Short History of Irish Travellers, by the Cork Traveller Women’s Network
  • How To video by Kathleen Murphy on crafting Paper Flowers 
  • How To video by Kathleen Murphy on crafting a Wattle Tent
  • Short stories from Why the Moon Travels by Oein DeBhairduin, with accompanying lesson plans from the Free to be Me resource packs by Children’s Books Ireland

Primary & Post Primary Resources

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