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Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion, Challenging Racism
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Primary Resources

Link Title Description Source Hours  Curriculum Link 
Junior Cycle Short Course
Junior Cycle Short Course SPHE Junior Cycle short course exploring Who am I, Minding Myself and Others, working together.  Can be delivered from an intercultural perspective NCCA 100 Junior Cycle Wellness/SPHE
Junior Cycle Short Course CSPE Built around three strands, rights and responsibilities, global citizenship and exploring democracy with a strong focus on student action NCCA 100 Junior Cycle/Wellness/CSPE
Transition Year Units
Chinese Culture and Language Studies TY unit exploring modern and traditional Chinese culture and language Developed by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness
Together for Rights TY unit exploring development and human rights issues in a global context Trocaire on NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness/CSPE
Global Development Issues TY unit engaging students in analysis, reflection and action for local and global citizenship St. Mary’s Academy Carlow, Self Help Africa, Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium, NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness
Ireland – A Level Playing Pitch  TY unti which uses students’ community work experience to address disadvantage in society Combat Poverty Agency, NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness, CSPE, RE
Lost in Translation TY unit of cross-curricular work with modern languages. Students explore and celebrate the diverse cultures in Ireland today Developed by Aileen Keena, Athlone Community College, NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness
How the World Works TY unit exploring how poverty and inequality are maintained on a global level, links well with History, Geography, Religious Education and ICT. Developed by the Debt and Development Coalition, NCCA website 45 TY/Wellness
Equality and Diversity, Building a culture of equality in our society TY unit of 28 lesson plans looking at equality, identity and discrimination  CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit and Centre for Cross Border Studies 28 lessons CDVEC and Centre for Cross Border Studies
Senior Cycle Lessons
Geography, Development and Human Rights A multi-media teachers manual for Senior Cycle to understand more about Human Rights Amnesty International 5 classes Senior Cycle
Other resources that can be used and adapted for lessons at all levels
Tackling Controversial issues in the citizenships classroom Very useful guide in dealing with issues (in the classroom) on which people disagree CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit Can be used with all subjects
Intercultural Games and Resources Multicultural, Cross-cultural & Intercultural Games & Activities Wilderdom Can be used with all levels
Intercultural Resource Pack, Intercultural communication resources for language teachers Resource for language teachers to explore culture, stereotyping and communication. Derek Utley 60 activities Languages, Geography, all levels
A Spotlight on Stereotyping Lesson plans for CSPE teachers and guidance for an action project PDST and the Equality Authority 8 lessons CSPE/Transition year
Exemplar lessons for all post primary school subjects Exemplar lesson plans to address interculturalism for all subjects NCCA, Intercultural Education in the Post Primary School (DVD). 1-3 classes All Subjects, all levels 
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