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Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion, Challenging Racism
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Primary School Lessons

Link Title Type Length Description Source Infants Lower Primary Upper Primary
The Right Start Course Wide range of activities each 20-40 minutes in duration A skills based resource which introduces human rights. It is divided into 5 units:  developing skills of empathy, communication, cooperation, respect and responsibility and conflict resolution. Amnesty International  1 1
Lift Off Course 10 lessons Human Rights Education for 3rd and 4th Class Amnesty International  1
Me, You, Everyone Course 10 units Human Rights Education for 5th and 6th Class Amnesty International  1
Intercultural Games and Resources Games and Activities Varied Games and Activities Wilderdom 1 1 1
Kids Corner, Europe Games and Quizzes Games for use in class Games, quizzes and information for kids (by age group) about the EU states 1 1 1
Development Education Courses Lesson plans for teachers and interactive resources for students For 6-12 year old’s, Programme in Development Education  Plan International 1 1 1 1
Educate Together Resources Lesson plans  and resources for students, categorized according to different themes Varied  Lesson plans  and resources for students, categorized according to different themes and class groups Educate Together 1 1 1
Racism No Way Lessons, activities Varied Teaching children about racism, Australian resource but can be adapted NSW Government Education 1 1 1
Intercultural Guidelines for Primary Schools Exemplar lesson plans Varied Exemplar lesson plans for all primary school subjects, available at the back of the report   NCCA 1 1 1
TES  Search engine for lessons Varied Search for culture, interculturalism, diversity, racism and many lessons are  suggested 1 1 1
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