Yellow Flag Programme

Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion, Challenging Racism
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Step 1: Getting Started and Keeping Track

Tús maith leath na hoibre/A good start is half the work

(Irish proverb)

Step 1 Goals:

  1. Let students, staff and parents know about the Yellow Flag Programme
  2. Decide on a link teacher for the Yellow Flag Programme in your school
  3. Set goals for Yellow Flag in your school
  4. Start getting people involved
  5. Start making a record of the work you do

Letting everyone know that you are taking part in the Yellow Flag Programme, and encouraging them to get involved is an important first step.

How can we get the message out?

  • Celebrate, you are one of only a few schools chosen to take part in the Yellow Flag Programme this year!
  • Hold a staff meeting about the programme, give out the pre-training questionnaire
  • Introduce the programme at a school assembly, show the 8-steps video
  • Give out the information leaflets and the ‘8-steps guide’ to staff, students and parents
  • Talk to students in class about the Yellow Flag Programme
  • Send a text to parents with a link to the 8-steps video
  • Put information on the school noticeboard, website, Facebook page and Twitter

YF Students!

What other ways can you get the message out there to your parents, school staff and students?

Set goals for the Yellow Flag Programme in your school

While it is still early days it is a good idea to set goals for your school. Why did you apply to be in the Yellow Flag Programme in the first place? What do we want to achieve? As you learn more, you can change or adapt your goals. Chat informally to staff, students and parents.

YF Students, Staff and Parents

What do we want to get out of the Yellow Flag Programme?

How can we start making a record of our work?

A good recording system will show you, the Yellow Flag assessment team, the school community and the country what you have achieved!

Begin by…

  • Using this folder to store information and keep a track of your work under each step
  • Set up a Yellow Flag Notice board where parents, staff and students will see it. News on events, photos, art, poetry, quotes, greetings, symbols, projects, and more can go on the board.
  • Set up a Yellow Flag teacher notice board in the staffroom where announcements or good resources can be posted

Go further…

  • Set up a photography or video team to record the experience for the school. Photos and videos can be shared on the noticeboard or online (in line with school policies).
  • Set up a Yellow Flag news team to write about what happens. They can write for the school newsletter and website, or send articles to the local papers. Don’t forget to keep a copy in this folder.
  • Have a Yellow Flag corner where students can place things that are important to their culture, or start a class scrapbook

YF Students!

How will we show others what we have done?

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