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Step 6: Going Beyond the School Walls

A gleoch is not burieacht unless granies a buri gleoch (A man is no man unless he has a good comrade) Cant proverb, Traveller language

Goals for Step 6:

  1. 1. Make contact with cultural organisations or belief groups in your area
  2. Get them involved in the Yellow Flag programme in your school
  3. Get parents actively involved in the Yellow Flag Programme
  4. 4. Get news of your Yellow Flag Programme into the media

Who should we make contact with?

Begin by looking at the cultural diversity within the school – what religious, non-religious and ethnic groups are represented. Are there religious leaders or community organisations that can tell you more about the culture and practices of each group? For example, local Traveller organisations or people from different belief systems. Students and parents are also a great source of knowledge – they can share stories about their background, culture and beliefs. Maybe there are also groups in your community that are not represented in your school at present – you can also ask them to be involved.

YF Students/Diversity Committee

Find out about the belief groups and community organisations in your ar

How can we get them involved?

  • There are lots of ways to build relationships with diverse groups. Here are some things other schools have done:
  • Begin with a coffee morning for community representatives, faith leaders and others, they may also have some good ideas to offer
  • Invite people to speak with students. Teachers should agree content with speakers beforehand (to ensure it is an information-only presentation)
  • Host fun days
  • Language classes for parents
  • Story-telling and reading stories by parents – hearing stories in different languages
  • A parent’s meeting room or hosting coffee mornings
  • Visits to local places of worship
  • Visits to local community organisations
  • Inviting parents and community leaders to cultural celebrations
  • Building relationships with parents from diverse cultural backgrounds to involve them in the normal activities of the school – trips, projects, sports, fundraising etc.

YF Students/Diversity Committee

How can we involve communities and parents in our Yellow Flag Programme?

Spread the word

Let the local community know about the work you are doing by informing the local newspaper and radio, putting updates on your school website and social media platforms.

Go Further

  • Get in touch with other Yellow Flag schools in your area, get involved in an exchange
  • Go beyond the cultural background of your current students – reach out to other communities who are not currently at your school
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