Yellow Flag Programme

Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion, Challenging Racism
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A Note for Students

Welcome to the Yellow Flag Programme!

What’s it all about?

Did you ever think about who you are? Did you ever wonder about people who are different or similar to you? Well if you didn’t before, you will now! Our world and our schools are made up of different kinds of people – people with different hopes, dreams, beliefs and ways of life. Yellow Flag is about celebrating all of these differences and helping us to see that cultural difference or diversity is normal!

What will be happening?

Your school is about to go on an exciting journey – and you are the most important passenger! If your school can complete 8 steps you will be able to win a Yellow Flag. This Flag will show everyone that your school values cultural diversity. By doing each step you will discover that you, your ideas and your culture are very important in this school.

What is Culture?

Our culture is about the things that are important to us – What we believe, the way we do things, our language, our history, our families. Some people get treated unfairly based on their skin colour, culture or religion – this is called discrimination or racism. Sharing our culture with each other will help us to understand each other better, help us to treat each other fairly and build a stronger school community.

What are the 8 Steps?

Everyone in the school community – you, your classmates, teachers, families and others, will be part of the Yellow Flag Programme. There are 8 steps and tasks associated with each step. Each step will bring you closer to your goal – a Yellow Flag and being a more intercultural school.

How can I take part?

Everyone can take part if they want to – you can start by telling and showing your classmates and teachers more about your culture and experiences. Help to celebrate your language, food and customs. Show off your skills and talents. You can also take part in other ways – come up with ideas for your school to help everyone to understand and challenge racism and ensure students are treated equally, help to organize events or speakers, join the Diversity Committee for your school, do research, create artwork, make a video or song. Most importantly you can get your parents and family to be involved too.

How can my school apply?

Talk to a teacher in your school about taking part, then they can get in touch with the Yellow Flag Office to find out more.

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