Yellow Flag Programme

Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion, Challenging Racism
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A Note for Teachers

Welcome to the Yellow Flag Programme!

The Yellow Flag Programme will help your school to value the diversity and learn more about inequality and racism and how to challenge it. By completing 8-steps your school will be showing our commitment to these goals and be awarded a Yellow Flag.

The Yellow Flag Programme is run by the Irish Traveller Movement.

Culture and Interculturalism

Culture is sometimes described as ‘the way we do things around here’. It encapsulates the traditions, language, beliefs and practices of a people. Inter-culturalism is an approach that encourages all of us to understand, respect and interact with one another’s cultures. It acknowledges that everyone in our community does not have access to the same privileges and that some cultural and ethnic groups experience racism. Primarily it approaches cultural diversity, not a barrier, but rather as a reason for our success.

As part of this, students and teachers will learn more about identity formation and belonging, similarity and difference, human rights and responsibilities, discrimination and equality and managing intercultural conflicts.

Support for Teachers

A member of the Yellow Flag team will come to your school to do a 2-hour Diversity and Equality Training Workshop with staff. There is also a Yellow Flag folder and website that has more information and links to lesson plans. There is an online learning programme ‘Yellow Flag Self Awareness Training’ for teachers to understand more about addressing racism and interculturalism in the classroom.

What will be happening in the school?

The Yellow Flag Programme is a whole school initiative – all teachers can integrate it into their normal work with students.
A Diversity Committee will be established, made up of teachers, students, parents and community representatives.
You will be learning and encouraging students to learn more about our different cultures, ethnicities and belief systems by inviting guest speakers, visiting different cultural centres, sharing our experiences and holding inter-cultural events.
You will be carrying out a school-wide survey to help you develop an Action Plan.

Who will lead the programme in our school?

It is best if one or two Yellow Flag Link Teachers volunteer to lead the programme in the school. Getting students and parents involved in the planning and execution of the programme is crucial.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact:
Elva or Margaret on 01 679 6577 or 087 241 0258
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