Welcome Back to School

Hello to our wonderful teachers, parents, incredible young minds, and community leaders,

As the warmth of summer gives way to the crispness of autumn, we stand on the threshold of a new school year, eager to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and positive change.  Here at the Yellow Flag Programme we’re thrilled to have you all back with us. We’re here to embrace the opportunities, challenges, and growth that the upcoming months hold, with the support of our schools and the wider community.

We’re excited to see what this new school year brings.  This year, we’ll be working with ten new schools, as well as our current active schools working towards their flag. More on our new schools soon.

So, let’s kick the year off by celebrating the people who make up our school communities!

🌟 A Shout-Out to Our Amazing Teachers

To our dedicated educators, your passion and hard work are the foundation of your schools journey. Your commitment to fostering an inclusive, welcoming and diverse environment shapes the experiences of the young minds you guide. We’re excited to see the creative ways you’ll continue to inspire and encourage the young people in your school.

🌈 Parents & Guardians, Our Valued Partners

To the parents and guardians, you are crucial partners in this journey. Your support and involvement plays a vital role in creating a positive atmosphere where all students can thrive. Let’s work together to make this year one of growth, understanding, and unity.

🌍 Young Leaders, Lead the Way 

And to our young change-makers, you bring the vibrant spirit of the Yellow Flag Programme to life. Your energy and enthusiasm paves the way to a more inclusive future and we can’t wait to see the positive impact you’ll make this year. Embrace the opportunities to learn, connect, and lead as you bring the Yellow Flag values to your schools.

🤝 Community Leaders: Guiding the Way

A special shout-out to our community leaders who play a pivotal role the journey of our schools. Your support and guidance provides us with valuable insights and perspectives, enriching our collective efforts towards inclusivity. Your involvement demonstrates the power of collaboration between schools and the broader community.

📚 A Year of Learning and Togetherness

This school year is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with moments of learning, friendship, and growth. From participating in our Diversity Committees to engaging in intercultural activities and developing your Anti-Racism policy, every step you take contributes to a more inclusive school community.

Let’s make this school year memorable as we navigate this exciting journey together. Welcome back to school with Yellow Flag spirit!

All the best,
The Yellow Flag Team